Built around your vision.

E-learning software development

As a former higher-education tutor, I combine my course design and delivery experience with creativity to deliver custom-made e-learning solutions.

Cross-platform learning management systems

Cross-platform learning management systems I am an expert at cross-platform design and software development for the web and mobile.

The applications that I have created range from simple utility apps to complex content management systems. My passion is increasing productivity of content creators through building intuitive learning management tools enhanced by meaningful data-driven insights.

Game- and simulation-based e-learning applications

Game- and simulation-based e-learning applications Allowing your learners to interact and play with educational content is a great way to improve their engagement. I draw on my own education and experience that span game development, AI and agent-based computational modelling to help you design and build games and interactive tools that are fun, cross-platform and age-appropriate.

Automated marking solutions

As a former higher-education tutor, I understand how draining and difficult marking the same assignment over and over can get. I create tools for the web, desktop and the command line that take the dull and boring parts out of your job, helping you focus more on what matters the most - your students.

Tech stack

  • Compiled languages:
    C++, Objective-C, Java, C#
  • Scripting languages:
    Python, Javascript, Bash
  • Databases:
    Postgres, MySQL, SQL, MongoDB
  • Simulation engines:
    Unreal, V-REP, Gazebo, ARGoS
  • Game engines:
    Unreal, iOS Sprite Kit, Phaser JS, Kivy
  • Server-side applications:
    Django, CodeIgniter, Node.js, AWS, Azure
  • Mobile applications:
    Unreal, Swift, Objective-C, React Native, Node.js, Kivy
  • Integration with APIs:
    Stripe, Keras (TensorFlow), Google Maps, Google Firebase, Apple APN and sign in, Facebook Graph and others