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Project management

Our unique people-oriented approach to project management has transformed teams, large and small, and it can transform yours.

Applying a mix of OKR and Kanban methodologies, we will set you up with knowledge and tools that you need to improve your team's collaboration, effectiveness and satisfaction.

Whatever stage your project is at, we will:

  • Fine-tune your requirements and project plan so that you get the most out of your project budget
    We do Finite State Machine design, Relational and non-relational database design, Technical specification, UX / UI evaluation and specification, Agile release management and more.
  • Set your team up with state-of-the art project management tools and processes tailored to your goals
    Using the powerful OKR methodology, we will turn your high-level Objectives into a hierarchy of Key Results and use Trello to facilitate task ownership within your team.
  • Get your team aligned with your aims and objectives
    We will work with you to understand your team's capabilities and personal motivations and how to turn them into a successful project.
Lenka has worked as a project manager for the following companies and institutions: