Built around your vision.

Project management

My unique people-oriented approach to project management has transformed teams, large and small, and it can transform yours.

Applying a mix of OKR and Kanban methodologies, I will set you up with knowledge and tools that you need to improve your team's collaboration, effectiveness and satisfaction.

Whatever stage your project is at, I will:

  • Set your team up with state-of-the art project management tools and processes tailored to your goals
    Using the powerful OKR methodology, I will turn your high-level Objectives into a hierarchy of Key Results and use Trello to facilitate task ownership within your team.
  • Fine-tune your requirements and project plan so that you get the most out of your project budget
    I do Finite State Machine design, Relational and non-relational database design, Technical specification, UX / UI evaluation and specification, Agile release management and more.
  • Actively monitor and manage your project
    I will regularly engage with staff, managers, stakeholders and funders to achieve transparency at an appropriate level.
  • Get your team aligned with your aims and objectives
    I will work with you to understand your team's capabilities and personal motivations and how to turn them into a successful project.