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Motosu Content Management System

Client: Hurst Consulting, United Kingdom
My roles: Project management, Full-stack development
Motosu is a Content Management and a Web Hosting System that takes on Word Press by giving users easy-to-understand interface without sacrificing complexity.

My roles in the project involved design and development of the full Content Management System, as well as project management during what was a very agile, iterative development process. I worked within the Hurst Consulting team that consisted of a junior developer and a server administrator.

Content Management

Motosu - preview Without requiring any knowledge of web development, the admin area of each Motosu-managed website allows a user to:

  • Create new content and complex menu systems using a WYSIWYG editor
  • Define custom responsive layouts and styles for the whole website and for individual pages
  • Add pre-built components to each page, such as an image gallery, a Twitter feed, etc.
  • Easily setup complex parallax effects
  • Manage the web administrators and see a log of what changes each administrator made

Automated hosting setup

Motosu - preview A part of the project involved development of server-side scripts that could automatically handle setup of a new website, of its domain and of its admin interface.

The user is able to sign up for a new website with Motosu, which creates a stand-alone copy of the system's code-base, including a separate database. They are able to register their own domain and redirect that to their Motosu-managed web site or they can request a new Motosu subdomain to be created for them.