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Documenting Python code with Sphinx

Approximate length: 2.5 hours

A common issue in software engineering teams is the cost of maintaining software, and the cost of introducing new developers to the team. Documentation is an essential backbone of all software engineering endeavours - it works to keep your development team synchronized, and reduces the maintenance cost of your application. The best documentation doesn't merely inform, it questions, inspires and represents the spirit of your development team. Broad documentation also encourages software to be designed appropriately ahead of time, giving your developers context for all of the features they create. Conversely, projects without strong documentation often flounder, as likelihood of redundant code and team misalignment increases, causing more and more maintenance issues.

This course introduces Sphinx - a documentation tool that is powerful and flexible for any software engineering project, and explains the most commonly used syntax directives with numerous examples. Your team will learn the best documentation practices tailored to your project, as well as how to create stylish hypertext-enabled HTML documents with ease. Sphinx integrates directly with the docstrings in your Python code, ensuring documentation and code are as cohesive as possible. This course demonstrates how best to exploit this feature, as well as the common pitfalls to be avoided.

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  • Sphinx syntax elements
  • Generating and customizing HTML documentation
  • Good documentation practices
  • Hands-on documentation writing and styling

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