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Software project planning and management

Approximate length: 3 hours

A large portion of software projects fail not because of lack of programming expertise, or lack of funding, but because project goals are not managed, tracked and communicated appropriately within the team. When people are disjointed, they lack motivation and are less likely to go the extra mile to make the project succeed. On the other hand, in a well-managed project, every team member has a sense of purpose and knows what they need to do, why and when. Personal and team goals are set clearly and adjusted periodically in response to internal and external factors.

OKRs is a very powerful, yet conceptually simple, framework for project management, born in Silicon Valley. OKRs stand for Objectives and Key Results and have helped companies such as Intel, Google, LinkedIn and others to focus their teams around what really matters for success. This course introduces OKRs and demonstrates how a hierarchical approach to settings them delivers clarity to all project stakeholders. More importantly, the course will cover how the framework can be applied in your project through Trello. Trello is a commonly-used tool for task tracking. By taking advantage of multiple boards and card "levels", Trello can directly be integrated with hierarchical OKRs and become a powerful tool for both day-to-day and long-term project management. What's more, it promotes transparency and a sense of ownership, making team members motivated and aligned with your project goals.

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  • Writing OKRs that are clear and measurable
  • Hierarchical OKRs and Trello
  • Estimating development time
  • Keeping the team aligned and on track
  • Hands-on OKRs writing and project board setup
  • Project management meeting role play

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