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Source and version control with git

Approximate length: 2.5 hours

Software development naturally involves exploring different ideas and solutions. It is therefore important to establish a safe environment, where breaking changes do not affect a working product. Moreover, in teams with multiple developers, people need to be able to work together on new features, but also work on different features in parallel. However, sharing and joining different parts of code manually is often very difficulty and inevitably leads to bugs and inconsistencies hidden deep within the codebase. Similarly, when code gets broken, it takes a very long time to fix it by hand. These problems often lead to fears associated with changing or improving code that "already kind of works", hindering software projects unnecessarily.

Source control is a powerful tool that minimizes issues with code maintenance and is a must-to-have for any software project, big or small. This course teaches your team how to use git, the most commonly used, platform-agnostic, source control system. A copy of all code is kept on a secured third-party server, while developers store and change their local copies, "committing" their changes to the server only when they are ready. They can also "pull" other people's code and test it in the context of their new changes before "merging" the two together. What's more, appropriate code versioning and "branching" enables your team to develop and test new ideas safely away from production code that represents the current stable version of your software.

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  • Setting up git on your team's computers, creating source control accounts and project repositories (Github and Bitbucket)
  • Resolving commit conflicts
  • Branching
  • Cleaning up commit history by squashing
  • Code versioning: Features, Staging and Production
  • Hands-on exercises for each topic

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