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Sustainable software design

Approximate length: 3 hours

One of the biggest problems in software projects is the cost associated with fixing and re-purposing old code. When a project and its codebase grow, it is often difficult to judge how to integrate new ideas with existing functionality. Software that is not designed with care often becomes overcomplicated, exponentially increasing the likelihood of bugs and crashes occurring. The situation gets even worse when team members come and go and there isn't a clear design thread that new members can follow. In the worst case scenario, old code needs to be thrown away to make room for new functionality, causing not only frustration, but also the cost of your development project to skyrocket.

This course covers code design practises that will make your code sustainable - written and maintained in a way that makes it easy to understand and extend, even when future directions are not yet clear. Your team will learn about tools and techniques that let them take a bird's eye view of a new or of an existing project, choose appropriate software architecture, and document their designs for the future.

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  • Sustainable code design practices
  • Code design techniques (Statecharts, Class diagrams and Data Flow Diagrams)
  • Coding standards
  • Writing and maintaining documentation
  • Hands-on code design exercises and discussions

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