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Technical design

A technical design document enables you to communicate clearly with existing team members and with potential hires.

Having a clear technical plan ensures that the execution of your software project is smooth, decreasing technical surprises along the way and increasing your ability to budget.

As an experienced freelance systems architect and a software developer, I create specification documents that are detailed and use relevant technical jargon. I also leverage my experience as a published AI researcher to ensure that your documentation is clear, well-structured and to the point.

A technical design document usually consists of two main parts: A Product specification (the "What") and a System architecture design (the "How").

Product specification and system architecture design

Product specification

Product specification describes in detail all features of your software product, as well as how and in what sequence they will be implemented.

This documentation is usually in form of text, charts, images and UX designs. Features are be organized into software versions, taking into account interdependencies between the project components.

System architecture design

System architecture design is a detailed technical plan for how your software features will be implemented. I also give recommendations on programming languages, frameworks and deployment strategies for your software.

A Systems architecture diagram shows how software, hardware and human components interact with each other when it comes to your product. An Entity relationship diagram maps out the most important building blocks of your software and their relationships. A State machine diagram shows how entities change as a result of user actions or automated processes.