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Software development

Success starts with clear goals, good planning and efficient processes for managing change.

Take advantage of my broad experience to get your project done on time and on budget without compromising on quality.

My focus areas

Agent-based models

Combining my industry and academic experience, I build high-performing complex systems simulations, usually including interactive visual and command-line-only batch run modes.

Research tools

Using my full-stack skill set, I create applications for the web, mobile and desktop that gather, process and visualize data, enable visual modelling of systems and empower scientists to do their work more efficiently.


I develop my own games as well as branded business, research engagement and education games for the mobile, desktop and web platforms.

Consumer applications

I build and publish applications for the web, mobile and desktop that let users interact with businesses, whether it's via an immersive brand engagement experience, a utility tool, a virtual marketplace, or anything in between.

Tech stack

  • Compiled languages:
    C++, Objective-C, Java, C#
  • Scripting languages:
    Python, Javascript, Bash
  • Databases:
    Postgres, MySQL, SQL, MongoDB
  • Simulation engines:
    Unreal, V-REP, Gazebo, ARGoS
  • Game engines:
    Unreal, iOS Sprite Kit, Phaser JS, Kivy
  • Server-side applications:
    Django, CodeIgniter, Node.js
  • Mobile applications:
    Unreal, Swift, Objective-C, React Native, Node.js, Kivy
  • Integration with APIs:
    Stripe, Keras (TensorFlow), Google Maps, Google Firebase, Apple APN and sign in, Facebook Graph and others

No matter what we are building together, I will...

  • Work with you to fine-tune your code design and project plan
    I do Finite State Machine design, Relational and non-relational database design, Technical specification, UX / UI evaluation and specification, Agile release management and more.
  • Deliver robust code that is easy to understand and maintain
    With a great passion for design patterns, clear, efficient and well-documented code is my trade mark.
  • Keep you in the loop using state-of-the art project management tools and processes
    I will set up Trello boards and deliver regular reports and demos to help you stay on top of the project progress.
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