Built around your vision.

Commercialized research software development

I bring in my academic, software team leadership and project management experience to enable your research project grow into a strong product.

Research commercialization project design

You have done the hard work of proving that your research is useful to people. Now you want your commercial product to feel good and look good.

As a software developer, a systems architect and a graphic designer in one, I help you to take a step back and critically think about how your software will be built as well as where and how it will be deployed.

MVP and beyond

MVP and beyond When it comes to attracting investors and first customers, one of the greatest challenges start-ups face is maintaining a balance between getting things off the ground quickly and building an MVP that will be extendable in the future.

My approach is grounded in applying relevant software design patterns and frameworks, writing detailed documentation and building unit tests along with your main code base - striking a healthy balance between quality and speed.

Project and software development processes

Project management and software development processes As a big advocate for mental health in tech, I understand that a company is first of all built with people, not on products. Every team has unique needs that translate into how much collaboration and supervision is welcome, how new features are decided upon and how new team members are hired and on-boarded. Similarly, each company is unique when it comes to how product updates are developed, tested and put into production.

Grounded in the OKR and Kanban methodologies, as well as in my career counselling experience, I develop a set of processes directly suited for you, improving your team's collaboration, effectiveness and personal satisfaction.

Tech stack

  • Compiled languages:
    C++, Objective-C, Java, C#
  • Scripting languages:
    Python, Javascript, Bash
  • Databases:
    Postgres, MySQL, SQL, MongoDB
  • Simulation engines:
    Unreal, V-REP, Gazebo, ARGoS
  • Game engines:
    Unreal, iOS Sprite Kit, Phaser JS, Kivy
  • Server-side applications:
    Django, CodeIgniter, Node.js, AWS, Azure
  • Mobile applications:
    Unreal, Swift, Objective-C, React Native, Node.js, Kivy
  • Integration with APIs:
    Stripe, Keras (TensorFlow), Google Maps, Google Firebase, Apple APN and sign in, Facebook Graph and others