Built around your vision.


Client: RavenScience & Hurst Consulting, United Kingdom
Website: https://www.report-it.org.uk
My roles: Mobile app & Server backend development
iREPORTit is an anti-terrorism app commissioned by the Mayor of London. It enables anyone to anonymously report extremist content found on-line.

iREPORTit iOS and Android app

The project was led by RavenScience and I joined it alongside Hurst Consulting to deliver the technical implementation, including the iOS app, the Android apps and the server backend.

When browsing anything on their phone, be it in a browser, or in any 3rd-party app such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Vimeo, etc., the user has an option to Share that content with the iREPORTit app. Doing so pops up the iREPORTit app and pre-fills all the information about the content, including its title, URL, type (website, image, video) and description. The user can edit this information if needed and then submit it anonymously to the Metropolitan Police.

The app also has a Standalone mode, where the user can simply open it up manually and fill in all the report information themselves.