Built around your vision.

My mission statement

My mission is providing researchers and educators with reliable long-term partnership when it comes to their custom software projects.

My work is grounded in the following company core values:

  • Partnership
    My clients feel understood and supported. Work is done with future extensions in mind.
  • Mastery
    My clients deserve the best solution that there is for their project, spanning design, implementation, delivery and long-term reliability.
  • Creativity
    I push boundaries of what is established and provide solutions custom-tailored to each client.

Quality first, always

At Qubiq, quality always comes first. Whether it's the code I write, or the way I manage project scope and deliverables, I take pride in the confidence that all of my clients have in me. I achieve this by:

  • Treating each project as if it was my own.
    I don't simply want to get paid for the work I do. I value your business and want to build a long-lasting professional relationship.
  • Managing my own time efficiently.
    I'm an expert in prioritizing tasks. I treat each of my client's project with the same respect, no matter its size, and make sure it gets the attention it deserves.
  • Regularly reviewing and testing my code.
    I frequently review my own code to make it clearer, more efficient and better documented. By the time your project leaves my development studio, you can be confident that you are getting a top-quality product that you can understand and easily make changes to if you wish to do so in the future.
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Georgios Tzoumas

Researcher PhD at University of Bristol :: October 26, 2022 I was working with Lenka on a joint project between to develop a digital twin of a swarm of ULTRA UAVs to monitor areas for wildfires. Lenka was our project manager and she was also an active developer in the project. As a project manager she helped us by organising a team of three different consortium members making sure that no project deliverable was delayed and created an amazing feeling of belonging in a team even though we were all spread out around Europe and the Americas as COVID-19 quarantine measures were in place in certain locations. Despite the fact that the team has never met in person Lenka managed to bind the team together and to manage a very successful project which resulted in demo flights with real aircraft. As a project manager she managed to understand all of our needs and requirements. She made sure that no member of the team was left behind and took time to understand all the problems in depth to ensure that scheduling of all the deliverables and key results were on time. As a developer Lenka is just wonderful! She is a great mentor always finding the best and most optimal way to develop our ideas into functional programs and helping us from design to implementation. Of course she has developed various parts of our system, developing our UI and helping us in understanding and developing our system and all of its sub-parts. I truly believe that without her we would never be able to achieve so much! Lenka is an amazing teacher, developer, manager and through this project a great friend! Her input was amazing which resulted to an amazing project and a great learning experience for all members of our team! Lenka you are amazing thank you for everything! Source: LinkedIn

Olivia Opperman

Project Manager at Windracers :: October 24, 2022 Lenka worked with Windracers as a project manager and software developer on an 18-month project. She was great at working with the team and completing the rather laborious project reporting that was required. This was also very impressive considering when was based in Canada whilst the rest of the project was based in the UK. She also inspired me to expand my career into project management which I am very grateful for. Source: LinkedIn

Seth Bullock

Toshiba Chair in Data Science and Simulation at University of Bristol :: May 20, 2022 Lenka is an exceptional researcher, developer and person. I consider myself hugely fortunate to have been able to work with her at the Universities of Southampton and Bristol in the UK. Her drive, professionalism, intellect and hunger for understanding and solving problems was outstanding from the first moment and never wavered. She was an inspiration to work with, always interested in going further and deeper - an independent thinker with her own ideas, but also someone that you could have a real working relationship with because she listened and thought hard about what she heard. Lenka's work was some of the most interesting that I have been involved with. It is no surprise to me that she is achieving great success in her post-academic career. Source: LinkedIn

Waleed Uddin

Robotic Systems Developer at A&K Robotics :: May 26, 2021 Lenka has an excellent ability to maximize other person's potential. Apart from writing quality code, she inspired me to better manage time, plan tasks efficiently and to set higher goals. I found her academically enriched perspective about technical problems to be highly valuable. She is also an easy person to socialize with and a real professional person to work with. Source: LinkedIn

Anson Kung

CTO at A&K Robotics :: November 14, 2019 As CTO, I had the privilege of hiring and working closely with Lenka at A&K Robotics, where she was the robotic systems software team lead. Lenka is a unique individual in that she brings the best of both academic know-how and industry execution experience. When Lenka joined our team, we were going through a period of rapid product and team scaling up, and for her first 30 days we tasked her with a number of challenging OKRs. Her performance in achieving and exceeding expectations on these objectives put on the fast track for leadership advancement, and within a few months, her attitude and accomplishments led me to give her the responsibilities of software team lead. In this role, Lenka demonstrated a strong desire to do right by the team, focusing on building strong working relationships by organizing weekly beer socials, changing up and improving the way weekly dev meetings were held, and revamping the retrospective process to be more effective. I also found Lenka to be highly coachable, running management and team improvement ideas by me to seek feedback, and taking suggestions to heart. Overall, my experience with Lenka is that she is a highly competent team leader who enjoys a balance of personnel and project management tasks with hands on development and design. Source: LinkedIn

Igor Omelianchuk

CEO at Corsac Technologies Corporation :: April 11, 2019 My team worked with Lenka Pitonakova on a software development project, she was the project owner and was managing the entire development process. Lenka has great communication skills and professional approach to task management, which helped us establish efficient communication on the project. Lenka's management skills facilitated the successful completion of the project on schedule, we managed to complete even more than it was initially estimated. I would definitely recommend Lenka as a great team leader and I am sure she will be a great contributor to any project she works on. Source: LinkedIn