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Client: Hurst Consulting, United Kingdom
Date: February 2020 - ongoing
Website: https://www.dopplle.com
My roles: Project management, Mobile app & Server backend development

Dopplle is a cross-platform (iOS & Android) mobile app that allows people to swap and exchange clothes. This project involves a highly iterative development process while maintaining reliability of a live application that is used UK-wide.

The app

Dopplle iOS and Android app The main capabilities of the app include:

  • An email- and SMS-based identity validation system used during user registration
  • Address search and map visualization built around the Google Maps API, allowing a user to add multiple "home" locations to their profile and search for available clothes nearby
  • Adding clothes items with multiple pictures, properties (size, color, etc.) and free-type tags
  • A camera-based barcode scanner that can be used to pre-populate item properties
  • An elaborate Browse screen where clothes can be searched for using text, property filters and a user's current location
  • Messaging, email and push notifications. Clicking on push notifications takes the user straight to the relevant item.
  • Trading of clothes for the in-app currency. The trade process involves multiple steps during which users have to communicate with each other and upload pictures, e.g. as an evidence of sending an item via mail.

Project and product management

App Store, Google Play

At the beginning of the project, I created a set of agile processes and coached the client's team in efficient ways of giving me feedback and keeping track of new ideas in a structured way. This enables me to streamline adding of new features, from initial requirement specification to a detailed implementation plan.

I have also created a set of Quality Assurance processes based on multiple testing stages, ensuring a high quality of the released product. I manage the Google Play Store and the App Store accounts for the client, where I release test and production versions of the app through Google Play, TestFlight and the App Store.

The admin area

The admin area Alongside the app, I have delivered an admin area where the client's team can:

  • Dynamically switch features of the app on and off, without needing to release a new version
  • Change color styles and text displayed by the app
  • Manage and have a complete overview of users, items and trades
  • Change what clothes properties the users can specify and what possible values each property has
  • Publish announcements to all or to a selected set of users. Announcements pop up the next time a user visits the app
  • Keep track of user behaviour within the app


As a spin-off from this project, I have created a common component library that the client is able to use in other mobile app projects.